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Zerryl Becker




Inland Empire/Desert


College of the Desert

CTE Dean

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Zerryl Becker

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Program Details

Program Title

Agriculture Technician Certificate of Achievement

Submission Type


TOPs Code

Plant Science (010300)

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Catalog Description
This certificate prepares students for entry-level employment in positions related to Agriculture Technology. Agricultural Technicians develop and improve ideas to make crops grow more efficiently in their environments. Agriculture Technicians run series of tests and experiments with different variables to determine which soil, bacteria, etc. is most suitable for a crop. Student completing this certificate will acquire skills in Biology, Entomology, Soils and knowledge of Food Safety laws and regulations.
Enrollment Completer Projections
2018/10: 5 completers

Program Proposal Attributes

Program Award Type(s) (Check all that apply)
  • Certificate of Achievement: 16 or greater semester (or 24 or greater quarter) units (C)
Program Goal
Demonstrate managerial and leadership abilities in agriculture classes for employment that will enhance opportunities and success in the Agriculture industry. Demonstrate basic knowledge of soil, bacteria and pesticides and variables to be considered when evaluating crop alternatives. Demonstrate creative problem solving by investigating an agricultural solution and proposing options for evaluation. Be prepared for entry level positions as Automation Specialist, Plant System technician, Agricultural Technician, Agricultural Aide, and Production Technician

Course Units and Hours

Total Certificate Units (Minimum and Maximum)


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Course Report

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Program Requirements
AGPS 001 Soils and plant Nutrition ( 4 units); AGPS 005 Plant Science (3 units); AGPS 005L Plant Science Lab (1 unit); AGPS 002 Entomology (4 units); AGEH 027 Pest Management (3 units); CIS 010 Computer Literacy (4 units); NR 020 GPS and Map use (1 unit); NR 021 Introduction to GIS (3 units); Electives from: AGEH 001 horticulture ( 3 units); AGEH 005 Plant Identification (3 units); AGEH 008 Landscape Management (3 units); AGEH 046 Landscape irrigation (2 units); AGEH 046L Landscape Irrigation Lab (1 unit); AGEH 030 Landscape Equipment (2); AGPS 002 Entomology ( 4 units); AGPS 032 Pesticide Laws (2 units); AGPS 059A Leadership (1 unit); AGPS 059B Careers (1 unit); BI 004 Elements of Biology (4 units); CH 003 General Chemistry ( 4 units); CIS 003 Microsoft Word (1 unit); CIS 004 Microsoft PowerPoint (1 unit); CIS 005 Computer Survival Skills ( 2 units); CIS 006 Business Research ( 1unit); CIS 010 Computer Literacy ( 4 units); CIS 72D Microsoft Excel ( 3 units); NR 001 Conservation of Natural Resources ( 3units); BUAC 095A or CIS 095A or AGEH 095A Work Experience ( 1-4 units)

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Published at

10/04/17 - 01:33 PM



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Diann Thursby Super User   ·  10/09/17

Received regional recommendation at 10-9-17 IE/DRC Deans Meeting.