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Jay P. Morgan




Los Angeles


Mt. San Antonio College

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Michelle Sampat

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Program Title

Social Media Content Creation Level I

Submission Type

New Program

TOPs Code

Digital Media (061400)

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Catalog Description

This Social Media Content Creation Level I certificate provides the skills necessary to be employed as an entry-level Social Media Content Creator for companies, advertising agencies, and social media marketing groups. Skills such as photography, image manipulation, writing, graphic design and social media marketing.

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Program Proposal Attributes

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  • Certificate of Achievement: 16 or greater semester (or 24 or greater quarter) units (C)
Program Goal

Program Goals

This program goal is to prepare students for entry level employment as Social Media Content Creators for companies, advertising agencies, and social media marketing groups. This program combines classes from several disciplines into one certificate that will prepare individuals to work creating content for social media. This cross-discipline study includes beginning; social media capture and marketing, photography-capture and editing, Lighting, Image manipulation, Graphic Design, and writing skills. This certificate is the foundation for becoming a content creator.16

Course Units and Hours

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Course Report

Program Requirements Narrative

The individuals that fill the middle-skill occupation of Social Media Content Creator traditionally have come from one of these three fields Graphic Design, Photography, and Film and video editors’.

By combining skills from these three disciplines, we can prepare students to be better prepared to compete for the enter level job Social Media Content Creator.

Supply Gap Criteria – Over the next five years, 4,972 middle-skill jobs are projected to be available annually in the region due to new job growth and replacements, which is more than the three-year average of 1,678 awards conferred by educational institutions in the region.

Living Wage Criteria – In Los Angeles County, the majority (72%) of annual openings for the middle-skill occupations have entry-level wages above the self-sufficiency standard wage for one adult ($18.10 in Los Angeles County).7

 Educational Criteria – Within the greater LA/OC region, the majority of annual job openings (70%) for the three middle-skill occupations in this report typically require a bachelor’s degree.

National-level educational attainment data indicates that between 33% and 47% of workers in the field have completed some college, no degree/associate degree or less. Between 2018 and 2021, 25 community colleges in the greater LA/OC region issued awards in programs that have historically trained for the occupations of interest, conferring an average of 378 awards.

Between 2017 and 2020, non-community college institutions throughout the greater LA/OC region conferred an average of 1,300 awards in relevant programs

Occupational Demand-The five-year occupational demand projections for the three middle-skill occupations related to digital media content creation. In the greater Los Angeles/Orange County region, the number of jobs related to these occupations is projected to increase by 7% through 2026. There will be nearly 5,000 job openings per year through 2026 due to job growth and replacements.

Program Requirements
(Y1 or S1)
PHOT 10Basic Digital and Film Photography
ARTC 100
Digital Image Editing for Photographers
Fundamentals of Graphic Design
JOUR 101Beginning News-writing
Digital Capture Workflow
PHOT 58Photography & Social Media Marketing

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Los Angeles Regional Questions


Los Angeles


Mt San Antonio

LA Workforce Council Voting Member

Jennifer Galbraith


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New Program
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“Digital Content Specialist (Associate’s Degree)”at Glendale Collage
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ICT/Digital Media

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06/05/23 - 09:51 AM



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