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Marie Boyd


Curriculum Chair


Inland Empire/Desert


Chaffey College

CTE Dean

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Joy Haerens

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Paralegal Studies

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Paralegal (140200)

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Catalog Description
The Paralegal Studies certificate program is intended to prepare students for employment as paralegals in various legal sectors. The American Bar Association (ABA) By-Laws, Section 21.12 uses the terms "paralegal" and "legal assistant" interchangeably referring to persons who, although not members of the legal profession, are qualified through education, training, or work experience, and are employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity in a capacity or function which involves the performance under the direction and supervision of an attorney, of specifically delegated substantive legal work. The Paralegal Studies certificate program emphasizes practical application and the development of up-to-date paralegal related job skills in addition to teaching legal theory. The program is designed to enhance the ability of students to reason, understand and apply correct principles of law by teaching analytical and critical thinking skills. Graduates of the program will possess skills to enter the paralegal profession. It also allows those already in the paralegal line of work to improve their understanding of the paralegal profession. California State statute requires all paralegals to be certified by an accredited educational institution. Chaffey College’s Paralegal Studies certificate program meets and exceeds such mandates because Chaffey College is approved by the California Department of Education and the Western Association for Schools and Colleges, and the certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed 27 semester units in law-related courses. Chaffey College’s Paralegal Studies certificate program also exceeds the American Bar Association’s guideline for paralegal educational requirement.
Enrollment Completer Projections
Certificates 18-29 units: 2014-2015 - 2015-2016 -

Program Proposal Attributes

Program Award Type(s) (Check all that apply)
  • Certificate of Achievement: 8 to fewer than 16 semester (or 12 to fewer than 24 quarter) units (B)
Program Goal
1. Produce professional quality documents of the type used in the legal profession. 2. Demonstrate competence and understanding of basic job skills to enter the paralegal profession. 3. Have a basic understanding of different career opportunities available in the business and legal sectors. 4. Demonstrate legal problem solving skills, supported by appropriate analytical and critical thinking techniques. 5. Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication and teamwork skills in a collaborative setting.

Course Units and Hours

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Program Requirements
CJ1 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 3 BUSL28A Business Law I 3 BUSL28B Business Law II 3 BUSL410 International Business Law 3 BUSL400 Introduction to Paralegal Studies 3 BUSL401 Legal Research and Writing 3 BUSL402 Civil Litigation 3 BUSL403 Evidence 3 BUSL404 Law Office Operations 3 Total Units 27

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Inland/Empire Desert Regional Questions

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Published at

09/06/17 - 10:42 AM



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Diann Thursby Super User   ·  10/09/17

Received regional recommendation at 9-25-17 IE/DRC Deans Meeting.


Albert Maniaol   ·  09/24/17

Reviewed and approved. LMI data verified as attached.


Marie Boyd   ·  09/06/17

I have attempted to attach the LMI data several times and this feature does not seem to be working yet.