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Susan Wyche


Dean of Career, Technical, and Extended Education


San Diego/Imperial


Palomar College

CTE Dean

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Susan Wyche

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Program Details

Program Title

Medium/ Heavy Duty Zero Emissions Vehicle Technologies

Submission Type

New Program

TOPs Code

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Transportation Technology (094840)

Projected Start Date


Catalog Description

The Medium/ Heavy Duty Vehicle Zero Emissions program provides students with the opportunity and exposure to acquire entry-level job skills through lecture and hands-on training for the repair and service industry. This program will cover medium/heavy duty trucks, school buses, public transportation, off-road vehicles, and port vehicles. ● Demonstrates proper safety and service techniques when performing maintenance and repairs on electric vehicles, hybrids, and Hydrogen fueled heavy-duty vehicles. ● Develops proper diagnostic skills required to resolve vehicle concerns for electric vehicles, hybrids, and Hydrogen fueled heavy-duty vehicles.

Enrollment Completer Projections

10-15 annually

Program Proposal Attributes

Program Award Type(s) (Check all that apply)
  • Certificate of Achievement: 16 or greater semester (or 24 or greater quarter) units (C)
  • A.S. Degree (S)
Program Goal

1. Students will evaluate and validate their technical knowledge and practical skills to properly and accurately diagnose and repair advanced propulsion systems used in electric, hybrid, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles. 

2. Develop the skills to evaluate and understand vehicle drive ability troubles pertaining to Zero Emissions Vehicle Technologies.

Course Units and Hours

Total Certificate Units (Minimum and Maximum)


Units for Degree Major or Area of Emphasis (Minimum and Maximum)


Total Units for Degree (Minimum and Maximum)


Course Report

Program Requirements Narrative

This is a new certificate program. The Medium/ Heavy Duty Zero Emissions Technologies program offers students the opportunity to learn about electric vehicles, hybrids, and Hydrogen-fueled vehicles. As the transportation sector shifts from fossil fuels, this is generating a new demand for qualified technicians who can maintain, service, and diagnose alternative-fuel vehicles. California's Executive Order N-79-20 sets the state's goal that 100% of in-state sales of new passenger cars and trucks will be zero emission by 2035. All major manufacturers are setting goals that either directly mirror or closely line up with California.  These courses are structured so that students have the best opportunity to learn the skills they need to meet the new demands from industry and its related technologies, while maintaining the fundamentals relevant to commercial vehicles.

Program Requirements
(Y1 or S1)
DMT 100Intro to Diesel4
DMT 110Heavy Duty Electrical4Y1/S1
DMT 120Air Brakes System4Y1/S1
DMT 125Transmissions, Drivelines and Differentials
ZEV TECH 205Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Systems4Y1/S2
ZEV TECH 210Steering, Suspensions & Frame     
ZEV Tech 215
Med/H.D. Mobile HVAC 
ZEV Tech 225

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Submission Details

Published at

01/17/23 - 02:35 PM



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