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Douglas Benoit

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Film Post-Production Certificate of Achievement

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New Program

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Film Production (061220)

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A movie is made three times: when it's written; when its shot; when it's edited.  Jean Luc Goddard said "Film is truth at twenty-four frames per second" and no one knows this better than a film editor.  He or she must decide frame by frame where the audience needs to be in relation to the story. Stay in a shot or transition to another and if so, what shot and how to get there?  Working side-by-side with the director to craft the movie that ultimately hits the screen, large or small, editing is about manipulating the audience, in the best possible way, in the service of storytelling.   

Likewise, effects artists - many of whom are the among the endless list of names that roll at the end of a movie - utilize the latest software and technologies to enhance digital storytelling during the post-production process.  Sound editors and mixers, graphic artists and many others are involved in this expansive, job rich area of film production.  

The Certificate in Film Post Production will teach students the terminology and concepts of narrative film editing and effects as well as amplify their knowledge and skills using a variety of editing software.  Students experience hands-on the film editing process learning aesthetic principles of narrative continuity editing and the technological workflow for picture and sound editing.   

By completing this certificate, students will:

1.  edit short films and videos. 

2.   have the skills necessary to get entry level jobs or better in areas related to film and video post-production.

3. have the skills necessary to work within or run their own film or video post-production company.  

This certificate is valuable for anyone interested in working in film post-production and will offer students the tools and training they need to get hired at that valuable foot-in-the-door job of Production Assistant and perform that job knowledgeably, professionally and effectively. 

Enrollment Completer Projections

Enrollment and Completer Projections:


Program Proposal Attributes

Program Award Type(s) (Check all that apply)
  • Certificate of Achievement: 16 or greater semester (or 24 or greater quarter) units (C)
Program Goal

1.     Students will edit short films and videos. 

2.     Students will have the skills necessary to get entry level jobs or better in areas related to film and video post-production.

3.     Students will have the skills necessary to work within or run their own film or video post-production company.  

Course Units and Hours

Total Certificate Units (Minimum and Maximum)


Units for Degree Major or Area of Emphasis (Minimum and Maximum)


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Course Report

Program Requirements Narrative

The US Bureau of Labor projects the number of jobs in film and video writing, producing, directing, editing, sound and special effects has grown since 2014, will rise by 5% by 2023 and the trend will continue through 2028.   In the Coachella Valley the number of jobs in each of these areas created or vacated annually justifies expansion of the film production program at College of the Desert.  

 Occupation2015 Jobs2018 Jobs2015-18 Change
Multimedia Artists and Animators228239+11
Producers and Directors391407+16
Writers and Authors1,0841,144+59
Sound Engineering Technicians138146+8
Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture111114+3
Film and Video Editors190199+9
Grand Total21422249+105

In the Coachella Valley the number of jobs created or vacated annually justifies the expansion of a film production program at College of the Desert into the area of Production Management.  

The Coachella Valley is a center for location shooting. Identifying pathways to entry level jobs in these productions, ie, PA's or production assistants, has been given primary consideration in discussions with our program's local film advisory group which concluded a certificate be developed in film post-production, incorporating narrative film editing theory and technique, training in a variety of editing software platforms used in the industry and skills in special effects and sound editing.  

With the popularity of the film program and enrollment growing by word of mouth and through articulation agreements with high school film programs, it's time to expand the film curriculum in a practical, employment related way.  This certificate will also benefit students interested in producing creative content.  

The Certificate in Film Post Production addresses employment needs by teaching students the basic theories, techniques, skills and software used in the film industry today.  

Program Requirements

Certificate of Achievement:  Film Post-Production                           

RequirementsDept. Name/#NameUnitsSequence
Required Core (18 units)FILM 02A
DDP 020
DDP 021
MUS 078A
Film Production I
Film Production II
Film Editing
Editing (Premiere)
Effects (After Effects)
Sound Editing & Mixing
Yr 1, Fall
Yr 1 Spring
Yr 2. Fall
Yr 2 Fall, Spring
Yr 2 Fall, Spring
Yr 2 Fall, Spring

Required Core (18 units) (suggested sequencing):

FILM 02A Film production I, Yr. 1, Fall; FILM 02B Film production II, Yr. 1, Spring DDP 020 Editing (Premiere) (3); (Yr. 2 Fall); DDP 021 Effects (After Effects) (3) (Yr. 2, Fall or Spring); MUS 078A Sound Editing & Mixing (3) (Yr. 2, Fall or Spring)

Certificate Total: 18 units

Proposed Course Sequence (over two years): Fall = 9 units; Spring = 9 units

Inland/Empire Desert Regional Questions

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09/25/19 - 08:27 AM



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