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Bruce Underwood




Inland Empire/Desert


San Bernardino Valley College

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Dr. Stephanie Briggs

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New Program

TOPs Code

Business Management (050600)

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Catalog Description

The Entrepreneurship Certificate is being offered in three different specializations: General Entrepreneurship, Tax Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Entrepreneurship.   Students must pass an assessment test at SBVC in order to qualify for these courses (a prerequisite).  This will verify a basic understanding of math, computer technology and English before taking the classes listed in the Certificate.  The certificate for Entrepreneurship in Real Estate provides students with a foundation and understanding of the basics in starting a business – including building a Business Plan, where to obtain seed money, best practices in how to build a successful small business, managing a small business, how to properly market the new company to the demographics the new business will serve, the principles of selling their product or service, understanding how to generate financial information about the business, and the laws surrounding the corporation,employees and social concepts, along with the concepts for real estate practice, loan fundamentals and understanding escrow procedures.

Enrollment Completer Projections

Projections:Contrary to popular belief, California is still the number one state for new business startups.  In the 2014-17 period, California added 51,835 companies (as reported by the Orange County Register from information provided by Dun & Bradstreet and American Express).  That is over a one percent gain.  The objective of this certificate is to help future and current entrepreneurs an opportunity to gain knowledge before jumping in with both feet into the real estate market.  Once the certificate is announced, we expect a reasonable portion of our real estate students to add this certificate and a number of students who either already have a real estate business or are contemplating starting one (usually around 10-12 per year) to add this certificate to their portfolio.

Program Proposal Attributes

Program Award Type(s) (Check all that apply)
  • Certificate of Achievement: 16 or greater semester (or 24 or greater quarter) units (C)
Program Goal

The goal of the Entrepreneurship Certificate is to prepare students to effectively start/run a small real estate business. The real estate startup statistics show that real estate businesses are the 3rd most profitable startups in today’s industry comparisons.  An excellent field for our real estate students to move forward with being their own agent/business.  Incompetence is the leading cause of small business failure – almost 50% of the small business failures.  Entrepreneurs will start a business without any training, except for the knowledge they may have in the subject matter their business will provide.  Managing cash flow is so critical in a new business. Without a well thought out Business Plan, new small business owners do not really know how much money it will take until the small business will reach the Break Even Point.   This program will not only provide knowledge on creating a comprehensive business plan, but how to execute on that business plan.  The student will be able to design and develop a comprehensive marketing plan by using appropriate marketing strategies. Last, each student will understand how to compile and prepare accurate financial information for tax compliance and informed business decisions in the real estate market.

Course Units and Hours

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Units for Degree Major or Area of Emphasis (Minimum and Maximum)


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Course Report

Program Requirements Narrative
(Y1 or S1)
REALST-062Real Estate Practice3S1
REALST-063Real Estate Loan Proceessing3S1
REALST-080Escrow Procedures3S1
BUSAD-103Marketing Principles3S1
BUSAD-105Small Business Mgt / Entrepreneurship3S1
BUSAD-106Principles of Selling3S1
Program Requirements

There are no requirements for a specific order or sequence for the courses listed above.

Supporting Documents

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Inland/Empire Desert Regional Questions

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09/28/18 - 09:25 AM



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Diann Thursby Super User   ·  10/04/18

Received regional recommendation at 10-01-18 IEDRC Deans Meeting.