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Kristine Di Memmo


Dean of Instruction, CTE


Inland Empire/Desert


Riverside City College

CTE Dean

CTE Dean's Name

Kristine Di Memmo

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Program Details

Program Title

International Business

Submission Type

New Program

TOPs Code

International Business and Trade (050800)

Projected Start Date


Catalog Description

This program prepares individuals to be able to understand how international business operates and to prepare individuals in professions in international business realm.

Enrollment Completer Projections

Enrollment completer projections are at 25-35 students annually. There is a projected growth of 2-5%

Program Proposal Attributes

Program Award Type(s) (Check all that apply)
  • Certificate of Achievement: 8 to fewer than 16 semester (or 12 to fewer than 24 quarter) units (B)
Program Goal

The goal of this certificate is to explain the key elements of international business. It will now be composed of only discipline courses, all of which count towards an Associate of Science degree. Students will focus solely on International Business coursework, to prepare them for a career in International Business. 

Course Units and Hours

Total Certificate Units (Minimum and Maximum)


Units for Degree Major or Area of Emphasis (Minimum and Maximum)


Total Units for Degree (Minimum and Maximum)


Course Report

Program Requirements Narrative


(Y1 or S1)
BUS-10/10HIntroduction to Business/Introduction to Business Honors3S1
BUS-40International Business - Principles3S2
BUS-43International Business Marketing
BUS-46International Business - Introduction to Importing/exporting
BUS-48International Management3S1
Program Requirements

Students who begin in the Fall semester should take BUS10, BUS-43, BUS-46, BUS-48 and take BUS-40 in the Spring. 

Students beginning in the spring semester should take BUS-10 and BUS-40 in the spring and BUS43, BUS-46, BUS-48 in the fall.

Supporting Documents

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Inland/Empire Desert Regional Questions

Submission Details

Published at

05/07/19 - 10:20 AM



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Diann Thursby Super User   ·  05/13/19

Received regional recommendation at 5-13-2019 IEDRC Deans Meeting.