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Submitter's Information


Jeanie M. Tyler


Associate Dean, Strong Workforce Programs


San Diego/Imperial


San Diego City College

CTE Dean

CTE Dean's Name

Jeanie M. Tyler

CTE Dean's Email

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Program Details

Program Title

Social Work, Certificate of Achievement

Submission Type

New Program

TOPs Code

Human Services (210400)

Projected Start Date


Catalog Description

The Certificate of Achievement in Social Work provides students a strong foundation in scientific assessment and analysis of behavior. Students apply social work theories through practice with individuals, groups, and communities. This program is designed for students interested in working in public and private organizations, students majoring in social work, and students pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in social work.  

Enrollment Completer Projections

(A) Course Enrollment Data

Annual # of Sections (SECT) and Annual Enrollment Totals (ENROLL)

2020 - 20212020 - 2021
2021 - 20222021 - 2022
Course Department Number Course Title SECT ENROLL SECT ENROLL
BIOL 107 General Biology-Lecture and Laboratory 36 881 32 744
ECON 120 Principles of Macroeconomics 10 410 11 309
HUMS 110 Social Work Fields of Service 3 136 4 159
HUMS 120 Introduction to Social Work 4 169 4 161
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics 39 1174 33 717
PSYC 101 General Psychology 32 1182 34 1127
PSYC 161 Introduction to Counseling 3 115 3 109
PSYC 230 Psychology of Lifespan Development 6 255 5 189
PSYC 245 Abnormal Psychology 5 189 4 156
PSYC 258 Behavioral Science Statistics 10 384 11 379
SOCO 101 Principles of Sociology 28 959 26 659
SOCO 110 Contemporary Social Problems 5 173 4 83


(B) Completer Projections

Based on enrollment data, the estimated enrollment completer projection of students to earn the award annually is 10 students.

Program Proposal Attributes

Program Award Type(s) (Check all that apply)
  • Certificate of Achievement: 16 or greater semester (or 24 or greater quarter) units (C)
Program Goal

Item 1.  Program Goals and Objectives

Social Work is an applied behavioral science that emphasizes the application of behavioral science principles in a variety of cultural contexts. Social Work students are expected to think critically and scientifically about behavior, to apply the principles of the behavioral sciences, and to understand the role of values in diverse cultural settings. As a profession, social work focuses on methods for helping people from many different social groups to improve the quality of their lives.

The Social Work program has two primary goals. The first is to provide students with the basic science and social work courses that prepare them for entry-level work in the field and/or transfer to four-year colleges, universities or other institutions. The second goal is to provide students with general knowledge related to the behavioral sciences that compliments their interests in the field of Social Work.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to:

       Identify, analyze, and demonstrate the various levels of social work practices in diverse environments.

       Identify the various roles of social workers at micro, mezzo, and macro levels including but not limited to roles such as case manager, broker, outreach worker, and advocate.

       Demonstrate an understanding of the issues faced by under-represented and vulnerable communities.

Career Option

Most career options directly related to professional (licensed) social work require graduate level degrees. However, there are applied and paraprofessional occupations that value the associate degree. Social services departments, hospitals, academic and community mental health facilities, child care programs, services for the aged, alcohol and other drug treatment programs, family services agencies, and other community organizations are all examples of settings which employ both professional and paraprofessional social service providers. Education at each academic level enhances skills, knowledge, and employability.

Course Units and Hours

Total Certificate Units (Minimum and Maximum)


Units for Degree Major or Area of Emphasis (Minimum and Maximum)


Total Units for Degree (Minimum and Maximum)


Course Report

Program Requirements Narrative


This proposal for the Certificate of Achievement is a major part of the Social Work Curriculum Alignment/Regional Equity Recovery Partnership Project funded by the regional SWP (1705-RSWP6-06). One of the primary purposes of this grant was to develop a regionally aligned certificate in social work. It is designed to be stackable to the existing Associate Degree in Social Work, which prepares our students to transfer into a baccalaureate program. While we are aware of the necessity of a baccalaureate degree to earn a high salary in this sector, we have placed many students into para-professional/supervisorial positions while they are still pursuing our currently available certificate/degree. This proposed certificate is one of many ways that San Diego City College is responding to the call for action by the San Diego County Behavioral Workforce Report, which indicates that we need to promptly produce a behavioral health workforce to meet the expected demand in the region. 

As advised by County of San Diego Fourth District Supervisor Chair Nathan Fletcher, the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) is addressing the shortage of trained behavioral health workers in the San Diego region by building a better way to deliver services and transform our behavioral health system through recruiting, training, and retaining more mental health and addiction treatment professionals to work in San Diego County.

Based on the San Diego Behavioral Health Workforce Report, San Diego County is facing a significant behavioral health (BH) worker shortage. This report estimates 17,000 BH professionals were employed in 11 key occupations in 2022. This is 8,000 workers short of the 25,000 needed. These statewide projected shortages were all before the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Since 2020, community need for behavioral health services, workforce shortages and wage competition from other industries have intensified, intensifying the long-standing workforce shortage to crisis levels.

San Diego City College is one of six colleges participating in the Southern Border Region counties to strengthen social work pipelines through strategic, collaborative, and innovative efforts focusing on targeted outreach, recruitment, and retention. As one of three colleges in the region offering asocial work program, San Diego City College is adding to the Associate of Arts Degree in Social Work (the combination of district general education courses)the one-year Certificate of Achievement in Social Work providing students skills for employment upon completion as well as the pathway towards an associate and bachelor’s degree.

The Certificate of Achievement in Social Work at San Diego City College is a new program that not only addresses the region’s goal to bolster the number of trained behavioral health workers, it also prepares completers interested in pursuing the well-established San Diego City College Associate of Arts Degree in Social Work that has been serving the region and the local community since its CCCCO approval on August 2, 2018. Please see attached COCI approval letter.

Community Support

The following local organizations endorses the Social Work Certificate of Achievement at San Diego City College.

·        Interfaith Community Services

·        National Alliance on Mental Illness San Diego& Imperial Counties

·        PATH San Diego

·        San Diego Housing Commission

Please find the support letters advocating to move the recommendation of the new award at San Diego City College, affirming that there are jobs available for program completers within the local service area of the college.

Program Requirements


(Y1 or S1)

HUMS 110Social Work Fields of Service3Y1, S1

HUMS 120Introduction to Social Work3Y1, S1

BIOL 107General Biology-Lecture and Laboratory4Y1, S2

ECON 120Principles of Macroeconomics3Y2, S2

PSYC 101General Psychology3Y1, S1

PSYC 258Behavioral Science Statistics3Y2, S1
orMATH 119Elementary Statistics3Y2, S1

SOCO 101Principles of Sociology3Y1, S2


(Y1 or S1)
PSYC 161Introduction to Counseling3Y1, S2
PSYC 230Psychology of Lifespan Development3Y2, S1
PSYC 245Abnormal Psychology3Y2, S2
SOCO 110Contemporary Social Problems3Y1, S2

San Diego/Imperial Regional Questions

No questions to display.

Submission Details

Published at

03/17/23 - 12:07 PM



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Monica Romero   ·  04/13/23

Mesa College supports.


Jesse Lopez   ·  04/13/23

Miramar College supports the new program.


Dr. Al Taccone   ·  03/30/23

MiraCosta College endorses.


Jennifer Lewis   ·  03/30/23

Southwestern supports endorsing this new program.


George Dowden   ·  03/30/23

Cuyamaca endorses.


John Edwards   ·  03/26/23

San Diego City College submitted the appropriate LMI from the COE. The COE recommends proceeding with caution when developing a new program, but supports a program modification because 1) there is a supply gap; 2) there is a high number of annual job openings; and 3) entry-level wages are above the living wage for most occupations. The colleges should also note that employers typically require a bachelor's degree as the minimum educational requirement.


Jeanie M. Tyler   ·  03/17/23

Support letters advocating and endorsing the new Social Work, Certificate of Achievement at San Diego City College are attached.